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Heckyl closed the year 2014-15 with a very special event which has happened for the first time in its history. Heckyl has presented (four) 4 of its long-term team members with a sedan /high end hatchback each, on May 22nd, 2015.

The four employees are Ashish Mandavkar – Database Architect, Ashish Saharia – Senior Technical Architect, Yogesh Bagle – Senior Financial Analyst and Madhusudan Muthoji– Technical Architect. The event was also graced by the families of the four employees, for whom it was a pleasant surprise and a proud moment.

Fantastic Four : Ashish Mandavkar, Ashish Saharia, Yogesh Bagle and Madhusudhan Muthoji with their reward.
Fantastic Four : (L-R) Ashish Mandavkar, Ashish Saharia, Yogesh Bagle and Madhusudhan Muthoji with their reward.

The event started off with the employees gathering near the cars, handing over the keys to the respective employees and their families, photographs and puja. Later, some refreshments were served and a chilled out family atmosphere filled the office space.

This gesture was to recognize the exceptional value being delivered to the company and to recognize high performing individuals for their continued focus on excellence. This move is significant to pave way for employee development into senior leadership roles across the function. Talent is the key determinant for the success of high-tech companies and at Heckyl this kind of exceptional talent is most valued and respected.

All Heckyl employees exuberate passion, dedication and commitment with a streak of creativity and drive to resolve and create solutions. These are the key ingredients that make up the mark of a winner , when working with Heckyl. The early employees, Ashish Mandavkar, Ashish Saharia, Yogesh Bagle and Madhusudan Muthoji have made a significant difference to bring Heckyl to where it is today since its inception. Therefore, the company and the board did not even hesitate to do something that was never imagined before at this start-up. They were rewarded and appreciated for their efforts and the company wanted to give every bit back in a way possible to express their commitment and drive.

Heckyl celebrating the extraordinary contributions of its employees.
Heckyl celebrating the extraordinary contributions of its employees.

Efforts do not go unnoticed and in fact are encouraged by way of facilitating their contribution. Heckyl provides employee friendly set up like flexible work hours, health and wellness program such as discounted rates to gymnasium memberships, casual clothing and seamless access to cofounders and business heads when it comes to throwing some fresh ideas. In fact Heckyl does not even have a cabin rule i.e. all team members including cofounders sit across the floor in order to interact and have healthy discussion on movies, sports and business all, in the same breath.

Heckyl takes great care in putting together a thorough process during selection of employees because it believes that the relation that the employees share with Heckyl is a long standing one. All 23 team members demonstrate total commitment and drive to create something new, something disrupting almost every day.

Team Heckyl
Team Heckyl flanked by family members on the day of reward and recognition.

Given such a team, Heckyl is growing to offer better solutions through a suite of products for institutional and retail traders. They created first Big Data Trading terminal for banks in London, the institutional product is only marketed in Europe and the company has large base of users in Switzerland too. We soon plan to go live with an interesting trading product. Today, Heckyl has offices in India, the UK and Australia with growth plans to expand to New York and other geographies and even product wise.

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