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BACKAny rumor or news can break out from any source. As highlighted in our previous blog post, A Needle in the Digital Haystack, spotting opportunities from these new data sets is very valuable. A trading opportunity can come from any source at any time, which makes it necessary to track a huge number of sources but also filter out noise at the same time.

Each news item will have a different level of impact. Some of them are market-moving while most are not. It is important to segregate these market-moving alerts from information, which have less impact and stay ahead of the market. The Heckyl Alerts Module does that and much more. The user can now act decisively once rumors or news break out and make the most out of sudden movements in stock prices.

The module first filters the noise based on source, relevancy, category of news and the impact that it will have on the market, which are constantly reviewed and updated automatically by Heckyl’s machine learning algorithms. The module also categorizes all these alerts into categories such as Critical, Economic, Breaking, Currency, Sector or Bond Alerts. The dashboard presents an organized view of all the breaking alerts giving an overview of breaking news in all asset classes.

Notifications and Alerts dashboard on Heckyl 's FIND
Notifications and Alerts on Heckyl FIND

Let us see some examples of how the Alerts Module can help to get ahead of the trend. The following alerts for Ingram Micro Inc. and Escalera Resources (shown in picture below) came up in the Breaking Alerts module right at the market opening at 9:30 AM for the US markets. The image shows the alerts displayed at the time of market opening in the US (Displayed time is Indian Standard Time). Our algorithm tagged them as market-moving tweets from genuine sources and categorized them as M&A alerts. After these alerts, Ingram Micro went up 1.43% and Escalera Resources went up, a staggering 32% till the Market Close.

Price surge seen for Ingram Micro post an M&A alert
Price surge seen for Ingram Micro post an M&A alert

Another illustration of the potential of Alerts Module can be seen in the following example. Rumors of import duty hike on steel products by the Indian Government started surfacing on Twitter. The alerts module flashed the alert as a critical one to the Steel sector. Stocks in Steel sector surged on the news. Tata Steel went up 3.6%, JSW Steel went up 3.29% and other stocks in the sector ended positive at the end of the day.

 Alert for the Steel sector on Sector Alerts module - Heckyl FIND
Alert for the Steel sector on Sector Alerts module – Heckyl FIND

The dashboard is equipped with a flexibility to accommodate different trading styles and preferences. It is designed in such a way that it caters to every trading strategy across various asset classes. The dashboard’s versatility allows for focused strategies, which might target particular regions, sectors or events. It can be as specific as targeting clinical trials in the Healthcare sector or Mining for potential acquisitions in a particular region. This depth ensures that each and every alert is impactful.

Versatile Alerts dashboard for focused strategies
Versatile Alerts dashboard for focused strategies

Another valuable feature of this module is that the alerts can be configured to display as pop-ups and automated e-mails so that no trading opportunity is missed out.

An Pop-up Alert
An Pop-up Alert

To know more about the Heckyl FIND Alerts Module, write to 

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