Heckyl’s Continued Expansion into the Global FinTech Landscape

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As well as providing key insights into how to use the numerous Heckyl data sets and tools to understand key economic and market driving events, this blog also provides us with an opportunity to keep you up to date with key business development updates.

Our Indian office continues to expand rapidly, as new colleagues come on board to service more clients, as well as develop new business lines and expand our extensive big data capabilities. In our London office we have also been busy on a number of fronts.

We have recently announced our partnership with Euronext to provide news and sentiment data on the companies listed on the Euronext Exchanges in Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and Lisbon. The data will be made available to retail investor users of the Euronext Market Data app. Lee Hodgkinson, Head of Markets and Global Sales at Euronext had some nice things to say about Heckyl:

“Heckyl Technologies are one of the most exciting start-ups in London’s Level39 fintech hub and this innovative service will enable investors to increase insight in stock market behaviour.Heckyl’s incredible technology, allied with their leading capability to harness the gargantuan and complex expanse of public information, intelligently converts disparate data items into intuitive, insightful and actionable outcomes for market users.”

As well as this recent client win, we have also been working with a number of high-profile financial institutions, such as BNY Mellon. We are delighted to have been selected to be part of the new BNY Mellon Nexen platform. This has recently been demonstrated to a number of key clients as part of the launch of BNY’s Innovation Labs in both Silicon Valley and London. We are already working with one BNY client to define a number of use cases, where proprietary Heckyl data can be used in conjunction with BNY data, to provide a unique solution. However this is just the tip of the iceberg with regards to how we can work together to help different BNY clients.

Our reach into these types of financial institutions has been greatly helped by our membership of Level39, the fintech accelerator space, here in London. We are also actively involved in the growing fintech scene here in Europe, recently presenting at a DVFA event in Frankfurt, Germany.

The growth of fintech and the engagement you can now find in the large financial institutions, offer Heckyl a number of exciting opportunities. Of which we can tell you more over the coming months, so watch this space!For any feedback or questions , reach out to us  at info@heckyl.com .






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