Advanced Unusual Activity screener gives you an edge to catch big moves in market

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To succeed in the today’s market, one must know where big money is flowing. One can stay ahead of crowd by keeping a watch on money flow. A trader can look at major moves in volume, which is an indicator of unusual money flow. It also signals that insiders and fund houses are piling into a stock ahead of major catalyst. Usually, they act well before a large spike and exit when the stock reaches anticipated price level.

A trader can combine trend and price action with unusual volume to decipher the next big trend for a stock. But for options trader, tracking unusual price and volume trend is not adequate. One need to dig deeper into market data to identify unusual activities on wide range of indicators and ratios. However, it would be a daunting task for an individual trader. To help such traders, we have launched advanced Unusual Activity screener.

Our easy to use Unusual Activity screener quickly identifies stock options with bullish and bearish trend by analyzing key indicators and ratios in real time. It also spot stocks at breakout level. In addition, it analyses volatility in options contract. User can also view brief description explaining each indicator and ratio.

Let us explore features of our Unusual Activity screener.

Bullish screen:
Bullish screen filters stock options on seven key indicators. These indicators are Call to Put open interest; Call to Put Volume; positive net premium and deltas; unusual call volume; out of the money (OTM) calls and in the money (ITM) puts. It shows stock options with positive sentiments.

[Image 1: Bullish Screen]

1[Image 2: Bullish Screen – Highest call to put volume ratio (Aug. 9, 2016)]

Jain Irrigation Systems, which was featured in highest call to put volume ratio screen on August 9, gained 3.76 percent to settle at Rs 77.35 a share on the NSE. 

Jain chart
[Image 3: Jain Irrigation Systems (Aug. 9, 2016)]

Bearish screen:
Bearish screen also filters stock options on seven key indicators. These indicators are O T M puts and I T M calls; negative net premium and deltas; unusual put volume; Put to Call open interest and Put to Call Volume. It shows stock options with negative sentiments.

[Image 4: Bearish Screen]

[Image 5: Bearish Screen – Unusual Put Volume (Aug. 9, 2016)]

Idea Cellular, which was featured in unusual put volume screen on August 9, lost 5.81% to settle at Rs 97.15 a share on the NSE.

Idea chart
[Image 6: Idea Cellular (Aug. 9, 2016)]

Breakout screen:
This screen highlights stocks at breakout level. It filters stocks based on 10 parameters. These parameters are stocks near 52-week high/ low; biggest price gainers and losers in rupees as well as in percentage; biggest gainers and losers from open and stock with gap up & down on high volume.   

[Image 7: Breakout Screen]

Volatility Screen:
This screen analyses implied volatility (IV) and historical volatility (HV) for stock options. It filters stock options based on 41 parameters highlighting sharp change in volatility on various time frames for near, next and far expiry contracts.

[Image 8: Volatility Screen]


Our advanced Unusual Activity screener is very powerful and useful tool for both novice and experienced traders. This screener not only helps in filtering stock options, but also helps in identifying profitable trades in real-time. So don’t wait, start using Unusual Activity screener now. 

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