Heckyl Portfolio Analytics – A Better Way to Analyze Performance

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The journey of successful investing starts with selection of quality and growth oriented stocks. At the same time, picking such stocks at fair valuation is also important. Moreover, periodic performance review and rebalancing of portfolio to fix any weaknesses is key to achieve investment goals.

Today, the stock market is filled with uncertainty. Any adverse development on Brexit, interest rates, US elections, central bank actions, commodity prices and economic conditions can have great impact on the market. In such uncertain environment, failure to review performance may turn your portfolio into disaster. However, measuring portfolio performance is not an easy task. Monthly contributions, dividends, and rebalancing make determining portfolio performance more complicated.

Understanding this challenge, Heckyl has developed next generation Portfolio Analytics platform to help retail investors and traders. Our platform provides a 360-degree view of portfolio by analyzing performance on number of key parameters. It measures performance on both basic and advanced criteria. In addition, visualization of key components of portfolio provides a quick glance at performance.

Let us explore Overview screen. This screen offers a high level view of portfolio. User can view his net worth and portfolio asset allocation. In addition, it lists top gainers and losers, intra-day movement, unusual price & volumes and moving average for stocks within portfolio.

[Image 1: Portfolio Overview]

Meanwhile, exposure screen provides graphical presentation of sector allocation along with portfolio highlights. User can view portfolio risk characteristics and returns in comparison with the benchmark index in portfolio highlights. It also allows user to view short-term gains and tax liability.   

Exposure Screen[Image 2: Exposure]

In portfolio holdings screen, user can view his entire holdings with key metrics. User can view trading performance, as well as realized and unrealized gains. In addition, user can filter and analyze holdings based on personal parameters.

[Image 3: Holdings]

Trade analysis screen provides key insights to user for better understanding his trading/ investment style. The system analyses the user’s past and current transactions, so that he can review trading performance over various timeframes. It also allows user to review his trading behaviour, such as winning and losing trades, which sector and market size investments have been most effective.

[Image 4: Trade Performance]

In addition, this screen highlights the best additions, best exclusions, worst additions and the worst exclusions to the portfolio. It helps the user to find out his strengths, missed opportunities and fine-tune entry and exit points for trades. It also helps user to find his best investment/ trading strategies.

Best additions'
[Image 5: Trade Analysis]

Most importantly, user can view how his portfolio has performed against benchmark index, equity & debt mutual funds and gold over various timeframes.

[Image 7: Comparative Analysis]

Every investor/ trader should review his portfolio periodically for achieving desired results within acceptable risk. Heckyl’s Portfolio Analytics platform can help you in better performance review. At the same time, it will help you to identify mistakes at a right time and rebalance your portfolio accordingly. So don’t wait, try our Portfolio Analytics platform now!

To know more about Heckyl’s Portfolio Analytics platform, email us at info@heckyl.com

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