10 Essential Trading Tools to Make You a Pro Trader

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The advent of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and automated trading have turned the stock markets into a battlefield. As a trader, you need to be prepared just as any soldier before going into combat in the market. Therefore, it is important for you to use the right trading platform and tools in order to survive in today’s fast paced markets.

To empower traders with the best in class tools, Heckyl launched next generation trading platform. Heckyl has integrated real-time market data, news and financial analytics to develop comprehensive platform for trading in cash, futures and options. Here are the 10 essential trading tools, integrated in our platform, to make you a pro trader:

1. Watch list
Dynamic and lightning fast watch list

For a trader, it is important to stay alert and keep a watch on the market data to spot opportunities. Heckyl offers reliable and exhaustive market data with analytics in real-time. You can track stocks, futures and options in highly customized watch list. 9 pre-set watch lists allow you to monitor stocks across different levels of market capitalization.

Watch list2. Advanced Charting
Best in class charting tools

To build solid trading strategy, a trader needs to understand where the price has come from and where it could be heading. Heckyl charting tools helps you to carry out advanced technical analysis for decoding price trends. In addition, 8 different chart types and multiple time frames can also help you to better understand price trend. Moreover, you can directly place buy/ sell orders from chart screen to grab opportunities without
any delay.


3. Heat Maps
Get a bird eye view on buzzing stocks

Stocks, which are active in day’s trade, can offer a good trading opportunities. However, to grab such opportunities, a trader should know about buzzing stocks in time. Our heat map dashboard gives a bird eye view on the hot stocks in the market. By looking at heat map, you can easily spot trading ideas through graphical presentation.

Heat map

4. 15-Minutes Built up
Spot intra-day bullish and bearish trend

Analyzing internal market data is key to spot opportunities in futures. Heckyl 15-minutes built up screen monitors the changes in the open interest, price and volume figures in real-time, so that a trader can see whether stock is witnessing long built up or short built up. A series of long built ups signals bullish sentiment. On the other hand, short built ups indicates bearish sentiment. By keeping a watch on 15-minutes screen, you can predict intra-day price movement and then form your long or short trading strategy.

15-minutes built up

5. News Analytics
Get market moving alerts on your fingertips

A trader must have access to new information that can move the markets higher or lower. At the same time, getting such price sensitive information in time is also important to stay ahead of others. Heckyl news analytics provide market moving news alerts by scanning millions of sources in real-time. Moreover, it offers social media posts on companies, corporate announcements, stock recommendations, bulk deals and
insider transactions.


6. Global Markets News
Stay updated with latest news

In today’s globalized world, stock markets are closely connected with each other. Any negative development in the US or Europe could have adverse impact on the Indian markets. Heckyl global market screen helps you to stay updated with latest news flow around major world indices and currency markets.

Global news

7. Screeners
Get bullish and bearish signals for stocks and futures

Market screeners find out stocks and futures breaking important levels on technical and other key indicators, so that you can quickly spot trading ideas.

Market Screeners

8. Unusual Activities
Detect bullish and bearish patterns for stock options

Unusual activities screen filters options on various ratios and indicators so that you can spot stocks with bullish/ bearish sentiment. It also helps you to find out stocks at breakout levels. Moreover, it allows you to analyse implied volatility and historical volatility.

Unusual Activities

9. Options Strategies
Balance risk and returns

Options strategy allows you to carry out probability analysis for price forecast. Our algorithm simplifies options strategies, so that you don’t have to worry about complex calculations. You can find out suitable options strategy based on your price forecast and risk preferences.

Options strategies

10. Market Data Analytics
Stay updated with domestic and global market trends

Market data screens allow you to keep track of sector specific top gainers/ losers (price, volume, OI, premium etc.) and advance/ decline in real time. You can also monitor performance of major world indices. In addition, you can view intra-day deals, institutional activities, put call chain and many more.

Market data analytics

Using Heckyl platform, a trader can analyze price movements, identify and measure trend strength and react to market shifts as they occur.

4 thoughts on “10 Essential Trading Tools to Make You a Pro Trader

    Kiron Krishnankutty said:
    March 28, 2017 at 5:55 am

    How can I subscribe to Heckyl platform? What’s the pricing?


      sourabhheckyl responded:
      March 28, 2017 at 6:01 am

      Kotak Securities, IIFL, Edelweiss and Reliance Securities offer our trading platform. You can use it for free by opening demat account with anyone of them.


    Chintan said:
    May 14, 2017 at 6:50 am

    Will definitely open an account with the ones who offer your trading platform…!!


    Shashikant A Mirji said:
    March 8, 2020 at 2:42 am

    Is it available at icicidirect.com


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