Corp Comm Team – Step Up Media Monitoring to Avoid PR Disaster

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In today’s digital world, a crisis can quickly become a public relation disaster if the corporate communications team fails to respond to deteriorating news coverage in time. However, keeping a tab on ever-growing sources of news and social media in real-time could be a daunting task. Moreover, quantifying underlying news sentiment requires specialized skills such as natural language processing (NLP) and text analysis.

Heckyl’s media monitoring tool, which leverages our news analytics and sentiment analysis capabilities, can help corporate communications team to monitor media coverage and its underlying sentiment in real-time.

To highlight the use case of our media monitoring tool, we have analyzed media sentiment for top 500 listed companies in India. Our analysis showed that news sentiment for 23 companies turned negative in June 2017 when compared with the last month. We highlight 5 such companies out of 23 in total as below.

Media Sentiment

In our view, prolong negative news sentiment does not augur well for the company and its business reputation. Early signals from our media monitoring tool about deteriorating news coverage can help the companies to step up media interactions to counter negative perception.

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