Banks: Did your Relationship Managers miss spotting these opportunities?

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Were you able to pick up these activities in the cement sector during the last week?
Could these be opportunities for your Relationship Managers?

To help banks in identifying potential corporate borrowers, Heckyl has developed Business Intelligence (BI) module. Heckyl’s BI module, powered by news and sentiment analytics, identifies companies, who at some point in time, may require funds to finance their various business operations.

Any news update on business orders, new projects, expansion and growth plans, product launch, fund raising, joint venture, M&A, business transactions etc. is potential corporate lending opportunity for the banks.



Heckyl BI engine scans news flow on the both listed as well as unlisted companies in real-time. We highlight 4 alerts on the cement sector identified by our BI application in the last week as below:

#1. Tamil Nadu-based Chettinad Cement Corporation Pvt. Ltd and KCP Ltd to invest Rs 1,350 crore and Rs 531 crore respectively to establish their new units in the state
#2. Ramco seeks to cement a place in the east
#3. Odisha approves Rs 1,188 crore investment across three sectors – paper, cement and food processing
#4. Kesoram Ind eyes stronger foothold in cement market

In our view, access to such deciphered information in real-time can enable the business intelligence team to considerably cut down on the time elapsed in discovery of relevant information. This time can be channelized to effectively target the right companies at the right time to bring more business to the bank.

If you were unable to tap on these opportunities, Heckyl can help you!

To know more about Heckyl Business Intelligence Application, email us at

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