Media Coverage for These 4 Companies Turn Positive

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Heckyl Media Monitoring Tool showed a shift in average news sentiment (from negative to positive) for more than 20 companies from top 500 listed companies recently.

In our view, regular monitoring of media coverage can help corporate communications team to analyze news patterns and track movement in underlying sentiment for their company as well as competitors. 

We highlight 4 companies (out of 28 in total) for which news coverage has turned positive in the past 30-days as below:

#1. Dena Bank
Dena Bank

#2. Prism Cement
Prism Cement

#3. Aban Offshore
Aban Offshore

#4. Deepak Fertilisers & Petrochemicals
Deepak Fertilisers

If you were unable to monitor media coverage and news sentiment, Heckyl can help you!

To know more about Heckyl Media Monitoring Tool, email us at

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