Banks: Did your Relationship Managers miss spotting these prospective targets?

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Were you able to spot these newly incorporated companies in the construction sector?
Could these companies be the prospective targets for your Relationship Managers?

Heckyl Business Intelligence application identifies companies, who at some point in time, may require funds to finance their various business operations.

Heckyl BI engine spotted 494 recently incorporated companies, which are ventured into the construction business.

In our view, newly incorporated companies in the capital-intensive construction business could be the potential targets for offering a working capital loan or project financing.

We highlight 5 such companies incorporated in the state of Maharashtra recently.

#1. China Construction Sausum (India) Private Limited
#2. Pushkar Dwellings Private Limited
#3. Sarth Shilp Private Limited
#4. Risen Infraengineers Private Limited
#5. Khande Shitole Builders and Developers Private Limited

If you were unable to spot such prospective targets, Heckyl can help you!

To know more about Heckyl Business Intelligence Application, email us at

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