Financial Data Alert: Long working capital cycle is a red-flag!

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Heckyl Credit Risk Early Warning System has identified 50+ companies with a long working capital cycle based on analysis of 1,012 companies’ balance sheet for FY16 and FY17. The longer working capital cycle puts pressure on company’s cash flows and may result in higher short term debt. Hence, long working capital cycle is a red-flag for lenders.

Heckyl system captures company related red-flags based on a variety of business rules. Financial data is one of the important data points in the assessment of credit risk. Heckyl EWS consists of thousands of business rules that analyze the financial data.

We highlight 3 companies that have qualified the following two business rules

A) Working capital cycle is greater than 180 days for FY17

B) Working capital days for FY17 have increased year-on-year

#1. Astra Microwave Products Ltd

Astra Microwave Working Capital Cycle

#2. Coromandel Engineering Company Ltd


#3. Lovable Lingerie Ltd

LOVABLE LINGERIE Working Capital Cycle

To know more about Heckyl Credit Risk Early Warning System, email us at

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