Mexico earthquake: Are you well prepared to hedge/ gain from disruptions in supply?

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The 7.1 magnitude earthquake that hit Mexico on September 19 has left auto OEMs, suppliers and dealers worried on possible production and sales losses, if any. Fortunately, Central Mexico, the worst affected area, has fewer manufacturing plants compared to other parts of the country. 

But as a participant in the auto supply chain, are you well prepared to hedge or possibly gain out of the situations like these?

FiND, a brand new Alternative Data platform, can not only alert you about the OEMs and plants which are worse impacted by the supply disruptions but also can provide information about the models and parts produced in these plants.

FiND collects and organizes Macro, Micro and Financial Data to provide Unique Insights into Companies, Industries and Countries.

Check out our screens highlighting plant location and models produced in the said facility for top exporters from Mexico below:

Maxico plant details

The below chart shows the market share of automakers in total exports (2,016,997 passenger vehicle units) from Mexico during January to August 2017 period:


To know more about FiND, email us at

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