Reliance Jio’s Media Share of Voice Falls in Oct’17

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Reliance Jio, India’s fourth largest telecom company, witnessed a drop in the share of voice for both mainstream and social media in October 2017 when compared with previous month. 

The share of voice for mainstream media stood at 15.6% in October, down from 22.6% in the previous month. At the same time, the share of voice for social media (Twitter) dropped to 14.1% in October from 21.1% in the last month (Image 1).


Image 1
Image 1: Monthly Media Share of Voice

At 18%, Reliance Jio’s share of voice for both mainstream and social media was the third highest among its peers in the past 3-months (Image 2).

Image 2
Image 2: Media Share of Voice

The fourth largest telecom operator has recorded highest combined volume of news and tweets on September 20. Mentions for the company surged on September 20 after Trai slashed call link fee to 6 paise a minute (Image 3).

Image 3
Image 3: News and Tweets Volume

News sentiment for Reliance Jio hits 3-month high during October 2017. Reliance Jio’s sentiment 30-DMA was the third highest among its peers at the end of October (Image 4).

Image 4
Image 4: News Sentiment 30-Day Moving Average

Positive news items dominated media coverage for Reliance Jio in the past 3-months. The ratio of positive to negative news items for Reliance Jio stood at 2.76 (Image 5).

Image 5
Image 5: Positive to Negative News Ratio

Neutral news as a % of total news items for Reliance Jio was highest among its peers (Image 6).

Image 6
Image 6: News Sentiment Breakup

Regulatory, product launch and earnings-related news dominated media coverage in the past 3-months. Product launch related news led positive coverage, while earnings news attracted negative coverage (Image 7).

Image 7
Image 7: Top 5 News Categories with Sentiment Breakup

Financial Express, Economic Times and NDTV Profit were the top 3 news publishers for Reliance Jio (Image 8).

Image 8
Image 8: Top 10 News Publishers with Sentiment Breakup

On the other hand, ETTelecom, sanjaybafna and BloombergQuint were the top 3 finance oriented twitter handles for Reliance Jio (Image 9).

Image 9
Image 9: Top 10 Twitter Handles

Mentions for Mukesh Ambani associated with Reliance Jio was the highest in September (Image 10).

Image 10
Image 10: Mentions for Mukesh Ambani

TRAI, Launch, buyback, earnings and Quarterly loss were the top 5 keywords (mentioned in the news coverage over the past 3-months) for Reliance Jio.

Image 11
Image 11: Top 100 News Keywords

In our view, knowing where you stand on a quantitative, qualitative, and tonal basis is essential when evaluating media coverage around your company.

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