Tesla dominates media coverage among major automakers in 2017

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Product launch, alternative energy top news topics for global automakers 

Surge in news volume highlighting alternative energy signals the automotive industry is moving towards electric vehicles at top speed

Tesla Inc. topped the media coverage among 20 major global automakers in 2017 followed by Volkswagen, Ford Motor, and Toyota (Image 1). Tesla generated a lot of media frenzy around its market launch of Model 3 and unveiling of Roadster and Tesla Semi during this year.
Top 20 - Share of Voice
[Image 1]

FiND, an alternative data platform showed a surge in news flow highlighting alternative energy for all major automakers globally (Image 2). Automotive product launches generate lots of media coverage and thus it topping the list is understandable.
Category Wise News Flow
[Image 2]

Much of the news coverage (positive or negative) at Tesla revolved around its big-bang announcements this year. While the market launch of Model 3 and the unveiling of Tesla Semi and new Roadster contributed in 1st two categories, negative news around production issues of Model 3 pushed “Production” to the 4th most talked about category (Image 3). Note that none of the other big auto names had Production as their top news category.   
[Image 3]

On the other hand, Volkswagen witnessed an influx of legal and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) news in 2017 as coverage on “Dieselgate” continued to haunt the German automaker (Image 4).

Earlier this month, the US court has sentenced Volkswagen executive who oversaw emissions issues to 7-years in prison and fined USD 400,000.
[Image 4]

Ford Motor received mildly positive media coverage in 2017. The earnings category, which led news flow for Ford in 2017, received mixed coverage while recalls attracted negative news flow.
[Image 5]

Toyota, the world’s largest automaker, received buoyant media coverage in 2017 helped by positive news flow highlighting alternative energy, product launch, and growth initiatives.
[Image 6]

FiND offers high-end Media analytics by tracking mainstream news and social media in real-time and analyzing movement in underlying sentiment around it for all listed and unlisted companies across the globe.

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