Dr. Reddy’s news sentiment lowest among BSE500 cos

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FiND media coverage study showed negative news sentiment for one-in-ten BSE500 companies during January 2018.

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd, one of the leading drug makers in India, is one such company whose news sentiment has deteriorated significantly during the month of January 2018.

We highlight media coverage trends for Dr. Reddy’s below:

#1. News sentiment decelerates ahead of fall in the stock price
Dr Reddys - Sentiment - Chart
[Image 1: Sentiment Score 20 DMA versus Stock Price Performance]

#2: At negative 37, Dr. Reddy’s sentiment score 20-DMA was the lowest among its peers
Dr Reddys Sentiment comparison[Image 2: Sentiment Score Peer Comparison]

#3: Earnings, Product Launch, and Legal news dominated media coverage
Dr Reddys categories
[Image 3: Top News Categories]

#4: Dr. Reddy’s attracts negative Earnings coverage
Dr Reddys Earnings
[Image 4: Earnings News]

#5. Legal news also weighed on the media sentiment
Dr Reddys legal
[Image 5: Legal News]

In our view, prolong negative news sentiment does not augur well for the company. Corporate communications team can counter negative perceptions in the media at the appropriate time by picking up early signals for deteriorating news coverage.

FiND Media Analytics tool tracks media coverage patterns and analyses movement in underlying news sentiment for all listed and unlisted companies globally.

To know more about FiND Media Analytics, email us at find@heckyl.com

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