Tesla Model S outsells German rivals in Europe for first time in 4 years

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2017 was the first year when Tesla’s Model S outsold its German rivals in the luxury sedan segment in Europe. Model S was launched in Europe in 2013, the same year as Mercedes S-Class and has been the main rival of S-class till 2016 before outpacing it in 2017 (Image 1).

Globally, Model S remains Tesla’s best-selling model and constituted more than half (53%) of the global deliveries in FY17.

Tesla - German peers - Annual Sales[Image 1: Luxury sedan annual retail sales in Europe for top 4 players]

Model S retail sales grew at a staggering 38.6% in 2017. On the other hand, BMW 7-Series and Mercedes S-Class recorded a drop of 13.4% and 1.4% respectively in 2017. Meanwhile, Audi A-8 reported a modest growth of 9.6% in 2017.

In Europe, demand for luxury sedan has been particularly strong during the last month of every quarter (Image 2). During such high demand months, Model S has emerged as the top-selling luxury sedan in the last 2-years.      

Tesla - German peers - Monthly Sales[Image 2: Luxury sedan monthly retail sales in Europe for top 4 players]

Note: Tesla does not disclose its sales on monthly basis and the numbers shown here are based on industry estimates.               

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