These 3 companies witness drop in long-term news sentiment to 2-year low

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FiND media coverage study for BSE 100 index companies showed a significant deterioration in the long-term news sentiment for Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Vakrangee and fraud-hit Punjab National Bank (PNB).

These 3 companies have been receiving negative press coverage for quite some time. As a result, news sentiment 200-day moving average (DMA) for these 3 companies dipped to a 2-year low on Apr. 17, 2018.

BSE 100 Sentiment 200 DMA - 17-April-18[Image 1: Compare screen shows Sentiment 200-DMA]

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals:
Negative media coverage on earnings and recent recalls of the anti-inflammatory drug in the US weighed on the news sentiment for Glenmark Pharmaceuticals.

Glenmark Price News chart
[Image 2: Price and Sentiment 200-DMA chart along with news updates]

In our view, prolong negative news sentiment does not augur well for the company. Corporate communications team can counter negative perceptions in the media at the appropriate time by picking up early signals for deteriorating news coverage.

FiND offers high-end media analytics by tracking news coverage patterns and analyzing movement in underlying sentiment in real-time for all listed and unlisted companies globally.

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