Negative news flow outpaces positive coverage for these 5 companies

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Negative news flow has outpaced positive coverage for 20 companies from BSE 200 index during April 2018, FiND media study showed. ICICI Bank, Wipro, Idea Cellular, IDBI Bank and Suzlon were top 5 companies receiving extremely negative media coverage in April 2018.  

Positive Negative Ratio[Image 1: Positive to Negative News Ratio (The ratio value above 1 indicates mostly positive media coverage. On the other hand, the ratio value below 1 signals broadly negative media coverage.)]

We highlight media coverage insights from FiND for Wipro. India’s fourth largest IT firm by market value received negative earnings coverage which weighed on Wipro’s positive to negative news ratio in April.

Wipro - News Sentiment[Image 2: News summary]

Leading business daily Business Standard was most critical mainstream news publisher for Wipro. On the other hand, buzzwords related to quarterly results featured prominently in news coverage on India’s fourth largest IT firm.

Top Publishers and Buzzwords
[Image 3: Top Publishers and Buzzwords]

FiND Media Monitoring Tool offers high-end media analytics by tracking news coverage patterns and analyzing movement in underlying sentiment in real-time for all listed and unlisted companies globally. 

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