Adapting to “Social” to make Intelligent Investment Decisions

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The global business environment has been changing rapidly as we are ushered into a new era of the digital age. The rapid emergence of social media, continued penetration of smartphones and tablets, coupled with technology enablers like Analytics and Cloud, are expected to play an important role in how organizations interact with their customers and understand consumer behaviour. Heckyl FIND AlertsSimply put, SMAC is a collaborative term for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud. In our view, these four technologies would be driving innovation in the global business ecosystem, in the coming decade.

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Connecting Very Big (data) Dots…

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In our last post we had expanded on the power of mining Social Media by combining it with other open data, such as regulatory filings. However there are a vast array of open data sources available around the world which, when collated and structured appropriately, can provide valuable insight for those in the world of finance. Read the rest of this entry »

Looking Beyond Headlines: The case of American Apparel Inc.

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In our last post, we took the case of VW with Fiat and shared how, when alerts provided ahead of the crowd, they can help interested investors generate significant alpha.
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A New Way of Discovering Alpha

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A massive amount of valuable information is produced worldwide every day, be it on social media such as twitter or blogs or on newswires and open government sources. The proliferation of smartphones has created a new generation of content providers. Read the rest of this entry »