Faster Trading Opportunities with Smarter Taxonomy

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Taxonomy is the science of the classification of things and when implemented effectively it helps us to retrieve relevant information in a timely manner.

The Best Taxonomy

The Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) and Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB) are an industry taxonomy developed for use by the financial community, when classifying companies. These Sector classifications are probably the best-known taxonomy in the financial field. However, in trading since it is all about relevancy and contextual information, at Heckyl, we believed that a new level of taxonomy was needed that could analyse data – be it news, events or companies – at a much more granular level. Our taxonomy is therefore based on machine learning, which goes beyond keyword matching. Read the rest of this entry »

A Needle in the Digital Haystack…

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We have shown in previous posts, how, the new data sets that are available can be a key source of trading opportunities. In addition getting access to this information before it becomes ‘news‘ on the mainstream media is highly valuable.

However with there now being over 277,000 tweets, 571 websites created, 347 new blog posts and 72 hours of new video being added to YouTube every minute of every day, the volume of data to read and filter is growing exponentially. Read the rest of this entry »

Connecting Very Big (data) Dots…

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In our last post we had expanded on the power of mining Social Media by combining it with other open data, such as regulatory filings. However there are a vast array of open data sources available around the world which, when collated and structured appropriately, can provide valuable insight for those in the world of finance. Read the rest of this entry »

Looking Beyond Headlines: The case of American Apparel Inc.

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In our last post, we took the case of VW with Fiat and shared how, when alerts provided ahead of the crowd, they can help interested investors generate significant alpha.
Following on from that post, we wanted to expound on the opportunities that can be harnessed from open data sources of information. Read the rest of this entry »

A New Way of Discovering Alpha

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A massive amount of valuable information is produced worldwide every day, be it on social media such as twitter or blogs or on newswires and open government sources. The proliferation of smartphones has created a new generation of content providers. Read the rest of this entry »