Corporate Debt Restructuring

Soaring Non-Performing Assets: The Paramount Problem

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We highlight – via a series of posts on Credit Risk Management (Read the  previous blog –  “Credit Risk – Under The Spotlight) – the ever-growing challenge of credit risk in financial institutions, the benefits of real-time analytics and the wave of change that can be brought about with Heckyl’s unique capabilities. We bring to you the second post, from the series.

Global financial catastrophes and consequent losses at several banks have compelled risk management systems at banks to get more focused on Credit Risk. The lack of an efficient system in place that can help the banks to efficiently identify the underlying causes of rising NPA figures has begun to reflect negatively on their performance. A high level Bank 1of bad loans is indicative of a large number of loan defaults that directly affects the profitability and net worth of banks. This in turn necessitates larger provisioning requirements to provide a cushion against loan losses, thus reducing overall profits and shareholders value. While banks have been successful in identifying the need of the hour, they seem unable to exactly place their finger on what will address the problem.

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