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Options trading strategies simplified

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Options provide the best of all worlds. With options, a trader can increase profits, generate regular income and limit overall risk. However, trading in options is not as easy as buying and selling stocks in the cash market. Options are more complex and risky securities. Typically, sophisticated traders take part in options segment. On the other hand, traders new to options are usually advised to understand how it works before placing any bets.options-trading-strategies-simplified-copy Read the rest of this entry »

Profitable Trading Tips with the 15 Minutes Built-Up Screen : IDFC Case Study.

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Colourful NumbersWe have continuously flagged “15-Minutes Built Up Screen” in our F&O product as one of the most important screens for devising profitable trading strategies. For every stock, this screen gives a snapshot every 15 minutes for the open interest (OI) and a breakup of fresh and square-off contracts along with volumes.

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