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IT, Metals, Industrial Mfg. witness a steep fall in news sentiment in H2 CY19

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Heckyl Risk Analytics System is the first of its kind innovative application that provides early warning signals through analysis of traditional and alternative datasets for identifying distress sectors and companies ahead of time.

We have developed Sector News Sentiment Score in our Risk Analytics System for identifying the first sign of stress or green shoots of recovery in sectors. At the same time, our application offers deep-dive analytics on sectors through analysis of news flow under various categories.

Moreover, our application also helps in identifying the best and the worst performing companies within each sector through analysis of news sentiment.

To show the capabilities of our Risk Analytics System, we have prepared Sector News Report. Here, we present some of the key insights from the report:

Sector sentiment_Feb 15 - Fall

Sector sentiment:
#1. IT, Metals, Industrial Manufacturing and Telecom sectors have registered a steep fall in sentiment average in H2 CY19.

#2. Automobile sector sentiment average recorded the third consecutive sequential drop in H2 CY19.

#3. Chemicals, Pharma, Textiles and Fertilizers sectors’ news sentiment averages bounced back in H2 CY19.

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