Sentiment Analysis

How stock price and sentiment move hand in hand

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A value investor invests in a stock after looking at financials of the company, analysing annual reports and news on stock/sector, reading management outlook and tracking price movement. However, one of the key challenges for investors and even for traders is to track the sentiment around the stock on a daily basis without missing any relevant news.

In today’s world, things change very rapidly and what looked to be a multibagger two months ago can turn into a disastrous investment if the relevant news and sentiment around the stock is not tracked regularly. Trading is all about the timely entry and exit in a stock. A gap between perception and actual reality can offer traders and investors a profitable trading opportunity using sentiment analysis across various asset classes.

Heckyl’s sentiment tool allows a user to measure the sentiment of a particular news item or news flow around an instrument and evaluate its potential impact, in real-time. In today’s blog let us take a look at Heckyl’s Stock Sentiment graph and how effectively one can use it as a precursor to stock price movement. Read the rest of this entry »

Harnessing Big Data – Everywhere

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Level 39Twelve months after opening our office in London, one of the world’s leading financial centres, we thought it would be interesting to review how Heckyl has been received.

On the back of a very successful launch in India in 2011 in the Retail Brokerage space, the expectation was that it would be a key vertical for us in Europe and North America as well.

While Heckyl is indeed being received quite well in this space, we have also seen a large interest from a number of other financial services verticals. We suppose that this should not be too surprising, given the vast range of data and analytical tools that Heckyl has to offer.

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Sentiment Analysis in Finance

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sentiment-2 (1)Sentiment Analysis is the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Text Analysis and Computational Linguistics to identify and extract subjective information from text. Every day, hundreds of thousands of news and opinions affecting publicly traded companies, commodities, and currencies, are made available in the public domain – through News Publications, Blogs, and even Social Media. Sifting through all this data in real-time, to determine which events and reports could potentially have a positive or a negative impact on the underlying Security, is not humanly possible.

Heckyl has developed its own proprietary Sentiment Analysis engine, that efficiently and accurately computes a Sentiment for companies, commodities, and currencies, based on news articles flowing into the system – in real-time.

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