Unusual Activity

Advanced Unusual Activity screener gives you an edge to catch big moves in market

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To succeed in the today’s market, one must know where big money is flowing. One can stay ahead of crowd by keeping a watch on money flow. A trader can look at major moves in volume, which is an indicator of unusual money flow. It also signals that insiders and fund houses are piling into a stock ahead of major catalyst. Usually, they act well before a large spike and exit when the stock reaches anticipated price level.

A trader can combine trend and price action with unusual volume to decipher the next big trend for a stock. But for options trader, tracking unusual price and volume trend is not adequate. One need to dig deeper into market data to identify unusual activities on wide range of indicators and ratios. However, it would be a daunting task for an individual trader. To help such traders, we have launched advanced Unusual Activity screener.

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