Fund companies while they are young

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Were you able to spot these young companies engaged in the manufacturing of food products?

Could these companies be the prospective targets for your Relationship Managers?

Bank_Product OfferingsHeckyl Business Intelligence application spotted 700+ early stage companies who have recently ventured into the manufacturing of food products.

Heckyl BI engine identifies companies, who at some point in time, may require funds to finance their various business operations.

Newly incorporated companies engaged in the capital-intensive manufacturing business could be the potential targets for offering working capital or long-term loans.

In our view, building relationship with early stage companies could be relatively easy for banks than the well-established firms. At the same time, the banks can grow their business by tapping these young companies when they are in need of funding.

We highlight 5 companies incorporated in the state of Andhra Pradesh in the past few months.

#1. Rngalla Family Private Limited
#2. Amaravathi Food Park (India) Private Limited
#3. Chegu Imperium Private Limited
#4. VSB Agro Foods India Private Limited
#5. Diyan Beverages Private Limited

If you were unable to spot such prospective targets, Heckyl can help you!

To know more about Heckyl Business Intelligence Application, email us at

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