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Level 39Twelve months after opening our office in London, one of the world’s leading financial centres, we thought it would be interesting to review how Heckyl has been received.

On the back of a very successful launch in India in 2011 in the Retail Brokerage space, the expectation was that it would be a key vertical for us in Europe and North America as well.

While Heckyl is indeed being received quite well in this space, we have also seen a large interest from a number of other financial services verticals. We suppose that this should not be too surprising, given the vast range of data and analytical tools that Heckyl has to offer.

Core solutions such as our Trending news and Sentiment analysis lend themselves to many different users, not just retail broking clients looking to stay up to date with valuable information. Working with Top Tier Investment Banks and a Financial Terminal provider, these data sets are now being provided to a new range of professional users; from wealth managers and advisors to FX trading desks. All of whom are looking to gain new insights into their instruments of interest and also stay as well informed as possible.

For those in the Financial Terminal space, Heckyl can be a unique new ‘data source’, to help them differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive landscape where exchange price data is being commoditised. Heckyl can be a viable alternative to long established content providers, by offering new content, analytics and state of the art visualisation, developed by our core team of data scientists and UI experts.

Taking the various data sets we collect and structure, such as Short Interest, 13F filings and Director Deals, we are able to offer various teams within Investment Banks a new way of analysing and understanding previously independent data sets.

A core focus for the Investment Banks that we are working with, is how they offer value added insights to their clients. Employing our expertise in understanding and structuring diverse data, we are able to help them utilise internal data sets and couple them with other data curated by Heckyl, to provide a unique insight to clients.

We have also seen a lot of interest from Exchanges looking to provide additional services and insights to their end clients. Heckyl is well positioned to help them analyse and visualise vast amounts of real time and historical market data, while blending it with external data sets.

Finally a core vertical for Heckyl in London has been the large number of Hedge Funds residing here. The range of investment philosophies is extensive but Heckyl is able to help in a number of areas. For event driven Hedge Funds looking for Breaking News, Heckyl is able to provide highly targeted and filtered access to Tweets in real time. This can provide valuable and timely alerts to end users, before the news is made available by mainstream newswires. We covered an example of this in an earlier blog post on Fiat and VW.

However it is not just breaking news where Heckyl can help Hedge Funds. For those focusing on fundamental research, Heckyl is able to collect new data sets for real time analysis. From iTunes downloads and in-app purchases, through to discussion board sentiment analysis, the possibilities are virtually endless.

It has been a very busy year, thanks to the continued growth, by its very nature, in big data and client understanding of its power. As the number of data sets curated and structured by Heckyl increases, along with new analytical and correlation capabilities, we are confident that we will continue to make inroads into many different financial institutions.

To know more, mail us at info@heckyl.com

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