10 Essential Tools Every Investor Should Have

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Whether you are new to the world of investing or an experienced investor, Heckyl Trading Platform should prove a valuable resource as you attempt to earn the profit in today’s complex stock markets. Heckyl integrated real-time market data, news, and financial analytics in the trading platform to meet the demands of investors. We present a list of 10 essential investment tools that every investor should have:

1. Company overview – Everything You Need to Know About a Company
Get a bird-eye view on fundamentals and technical indicators for any company in a single screen. 

Company Overview

2. Health Score – Find Multibagger Stocks
Find out whether the company is fundamentally weak or strong just by looking at Health Score, a single number composite financial performance indicator. Health Score analyzes Company on 25 key financial ratios and performance indicators. (Read more about Health Score)

Health Score

3. Peers Screen – Identify Top Performing Stocks in Your Favorite Industry
Peers screen is the powerful tool to scan companies within the industry. It not only helps the investor to distinguish between fundamentally strong and weak companies but also helps in identifying better investment alternatives available within the sector. (Read more about Peers Screen)

Peers Screen

4. Screeners – Play on Well-known Investment Themes
Screeners are easy to use tool provided you know what criteria to search for. If you don’t know which conditions should be applied on what domain then they are of little use. To help investors, Heckyl has come out with 9 pre-defined screeners, which provides the option to play on well-known themes, investment strategies and renowned gurus investing mantras. (Read more about Screeners)


5. Portfolio Analytics – A Better Way to Analyze Performance
For an investor, it is important to do a periodic performance review and then re-balance the portfolio to fix any weaknesses. Heckyl platform provides a 360-degree view of the portfolio so that you can achieve the overall investment goals. (Read more about Portfolio Analytics)


6. News Analytics – Actionable News and Sentiment Analysis in Real-Time
A stock which looked to be a multibagger two months ago can turn into a disastrous investment if the relevant news and sentiment around the stock are not tracked regularly. Heckyl news analytics is a smart tool that not only aggregates news from across the globe but also analyses its impact on equities, commodities, currencies and economies in real-time. (Read more about News and Sentiment Analytics)

News & sentiment

7. Recommendations – Get Views from Market Experts
For an investor, it is important to know what the experts are saying about the markets. Experts can provide key insights on where the markets and stocks are heading at a broader level. Heckyl captures views and recommendations of experts and brokerage firms (both domestic and global) from thousands of sources. This screen helps investors to get all relevant views and recommendations at one place.


8. Financials – Dive deep into investment research
Analyzing financial statements is the most important step in the investment research. Heckyl allows investors to dive deep into the financial statements. Investors can analyze current as well as historical financials. Investors can also measure the company’s performance on key ratios.


9. Financial Charts – Analyze Trend for Key Operating Indicators
In addition to financial statements analysis, investors need to pay attention to operational efficiency to get a complete view of the company performance. Heckyl allows investors to analyze company performance on nine key operating metrics for the past 10-years with easy to understand graphical presentation.

Financial Charts

10. Trend Analysis – Measure Performance for Key Stock Price Drivers
For an investor, it is important to know how the growth has been for sales, margins, and earnings. Heckyl allows investors to review trends for revenue, margins, and profitability for the past the 10-quarters with the help of charts.


Heckyl’s feature-rich Trading Platform not only simplify investment research but also helps investors to pick right stocks for the portfolio. Moreover, investors can perform advanced portfolio analysis to achieve overall investment goals.

To know more about Heckyl’s Advanced Trading Platform, email us at info@heckyl.com

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